Making of Japanese contract

We would like to help you make your Japanese contract at a low price quickly before your appointed date.

We attach the English translation to your Japanese contract.

In the case where it is within a week since we completed your requested contract and delivered it to you, if you feel any dissatisfaction or inconvenience about our work, we will correct the contract free of charge.

We can translate your English contract into Japanese and vice versa.

We are legal advisers who are specialists in contracts.
 We can negotiate a contract with a company which you have dealings with, on behalf of your company.


Japanese translation service

We can undertake to translate the following English contents into Japanese:

Translation for business.
ExampleBusiness documents, E-mail, Trade documents, Websites, etc.

Translation for subculture and pop culture.
ExampleManga, Comics, J-pop, etc

We attach the English translation to your requested Japanese contract.


Dispatching interpreters

We dispatch interpreters to your company.

Particularly, We dispatch medical interpreters .
Medical Interpreter Dispatch



Please feel free to send us an E-mail. We can provide you with a free estimate.



1.Please send us an E-mail
2.We can give you an estimate and the date when we have completed translating your contract after we discuss your request.
3. Payment by a credit card is required.
4.We send you back the completed document by E-mail.

The following credit cards are accepted. 
We hold the duty to protect your privileged information.


Contact Us

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